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Sound Carrier








This is an audio-visual installation that consists of a toy train that drives in circles while a moonflower light effect projects small coloured lightcubes from above the train. The toy train carries three different Lumivoxes to generate sounds (these lumivoxes are homebuild electronic voices with a little 555 timer chip at its core) The fun is that the pitch and volume of each individual vox can be controlled by the colour and intensity of the light that is projected on the different Light Dependent Resistors (LDR's) that are part of the lumivox. The voxes are powered by small 9volts batteries and once swithced on,  they start processing energy in order to produce sound. So as each vox is happily producing its sound, the different coloured lightcubicles hit the LDR's and mess with the pitch and volume of the different tones. The produced sound is transmited to the amplifier with a walkie-talkie that is mounted on top of the train. Another idea was to send the signal trough the train tracks, maybe some day.... The train's speed and direction are  other variables in this whole rhythm producing process, just like the moonflower light effect that has a build-in sensor that reacts to the sound that hits the sensor, its reaction causes the light to switch from going forward to going backwards, sometimes this results in long stretched tones when the train drives in sync with the light untill the sound actually triggers the light to change direction, resulting in all kinds of unexpected sonic havoc. The closed circle of audio and light provokes all kinds of different reactions, some run away from the noise, protecting their carefully tuned hearing filters, while others would love to turn the volume up a bit more. Some stand and look from a distance, maybe or maybe not trying to figure out what it is that "is going on there.... " and others come so close they accidentally nock over the train, and in doing so, creating a totally different soundscape. Fun !!!


For optimal audio-visual effect the whole installation needs to be placed in a dark place without the presence of any noisy neighbours.


Look here to see which stations the train has visited so far !














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