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Among my noisy projects are also some collaborations with other artists. These projects focus on the experimental and live performance side of music making. Often I make use of my own circuit bend toys as they are capable of producing unexpected sounds and they are very hands on....  


The first time I ever exposed one of my noisy creations was at the Punct expo called "doe wat je zegt dan lieg je niet" in english: do as you say, then you don't lie... exposition in july 2002 ...    My sound carrier installation got it's place underneath the stairs leading into the basement, where it was doing it's best to produce bleepy-chirpy sounds.

Punct was located at the end of the street where I lived with my brother and I had amazing  inspiring nights there with him ! Thanx to Punct for all the inspiration, facilitation and celebration :]


The first sort of project was done for "De Verschijning" (the appearance) and this was also the moment when the name toysfornoise was used for the first time. That night my Sound Carrier was enthusiastically riding its circles and being noisy while I was producing accompanying sounds with my other toys. It was a very experimental and interesting night with loads of great feedback. During the night several other performances were scheduled and they all turned out to be very nice indeed, ranging from Olivier as the mermaid in a bathtub with little microphones attached to the outside of the bathtub, allowing an amplifier to indulge the spectator in an underwater-backtoyourchildhood-experimentwithallyougot moment when the mermaid gently starts to rub her hands on the porcelain, slowly squeeking, shamefully slipping sounds..  I didn't get much of the boca raton performance, too busy setting up my toys for the next joyride as they had to be quiet during the other performances. Another fascinating thing was the rammelritmes machine, and offcourse it was magical for me and my brother Finsent to have our parents there, witnessing the event, slowly getting a glimpse of the strange world we sometimes wander of into... Finsent played his records that night just as he liked them and so did we........... The whole thing can truelly be called the appearance ! Thanx for having us ! Just click on the link for more info, I promise, it;s short to the point info.

No recordings were made that night, unfortunately !








In 2006 I did a project together with Typhique under the name: The Circuit BandWe were invited by 7" recordings who organise the 7" project nights at various locations in Holland. We did a 1 hour live set at Worm in Rotterdam and you can check out the recording of that live set at wormstation:  for the live recording:  then click on STAGE, and finally look for the box with SEVEN and when you hit this box, you have arrived......  


or you can click here:




more info on this night:



more info on this noisy initiative:



That night I also displayed my Sound Carrier, it was actually the first installation to have been displayed in the "wardrobe" 






on the 18th may 2007 I performed in the Hall of Fame during our Wevie Stonder night we had with wirwar... thanx to the wevieman bas for the invite !.... I played that night as the circuit bandit, the actual first time this name was used, and as my dear brother came up with this one, it was an extra special thingie...


After the band played, and the entertainment was being moved from the big room to the new and unused "small room"  there was some mobile noisy guidance (actually it was nice sofware demo going too quick too handle ... )this did move the crowd into the new room, after some minutes of laptoppian mobile noise  I activated my Sound Carrier and my toytrain and for some time they provided sonic entertainment as they were being tortured by rays of white light and strobing "bike-lights"  I actually got some great ideas from this birthday, literally that is !





In november 2008 it was finally time again to get bending again. We were gonna perorm with the circuit band in den bosch for the nerdlab night ...

More info and pics etc later ... for now, check my wewblog









For collaborations for any noisy projects:

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