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all changed 29th march 2009

when the site that hosted all my mixes and cuts etc had gone bankrupt ..



years of work down the drain... 

right at the time when loads of people had found the place ....

I also put that sites address on my record sleeves so you could easily download the mp3s instead of having to record the vinyl and convert it .. 


I will now need to put a sticker over that a

ddress on the records that have not yet been sold, will look nice .. not ...

but needs to be done ...




so Iam looking for a new spot for my brothers music, and my own ..



hopefully coming soon !!!








The sleeve for the Team Wasted 6.06 record was made by my good mate Typhique, he is actually doing all sorts of graphical stuff, so if you need a hand with any of your designs and would like typhique's maniacal mind to interfere... give me a shout !







Visit electrobel where you can listen and download the tracks I have uploaded there, or discover tons of other fresh music !









check out the recording of the live set of The Circuit Band (Typhique & Qui Que Boe) when we performed live at the 7" project night at Worm in Rotterdam 


have a look at the noisy projects section or click here  to go straight to the mp3































toysfornoise (at) yahoo (dot) com













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