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I like to play live, and as you can see it ain't no matter of opening up the laptop and hit play, so to say ...




coming up:








free festival BOURGES france

17-18-19 april 2009

playing live !!!

start the summer










funtimes .......



6th december






14th november

subcom labelnight

the zoo - gent - belgium



7th november

013 tilburg

crackbeats vs wirwar



merville - france

la grande 104e20 birthday bash



i love tekno

waterfront rotterdam

the acid edition





1st february 2008

merleyn - nijmegen

wirwar on  the road







4th January 2008

I Love Tekno

paul live










31st december 2007



hall of fame








24th november 2007


paul live

104e20 at the Rockerill

Marchienne au Pont




played for 2 1/2 hours and had a blast !!

set has been recorded and the full liveset will be uploaded sometime in december  so check back....





17th november 2007

REVOLUTIONS powered by FULL ON and Noise Control Audio

dj set to start off the amazing

riot zone BY ZETEMKA soundsystem

la Condition Publique





played a short dj-set from 22:00 till 23:00 and felt priviliged to stand inside michelle's bus acting as a police officer commanding tunes onto the dancefloor !





20th october 2007

analog dialogue

paul live

zodiak commune

013 tilburg





full liveset can be downloaded from


check of





28th September 2007

toysfornoise - liveset

encore deux fois





It was a joy to stand in for mr sensory overload, as he could not make it, maybe he foresaw the fact that it was not gonna be a packed sold out night, but hey, I had great fun and it was a truelly inspiring night. From learning and dealing with the strange sounding sound system, to meeting some very creative souls

tHANX to fred and all others that were a great help or inspiring being hat night ! see you soon !






22nd September 2007

toysfornoise - liveset

ZXZW festival,

wirwar rocks  the

Concert Hall




We had a blast doing our thingie in the city's concert hall, you can read all about it and see some great pictures of that night on my blog, It was amazing !





5th August 2007

toysfornoise - liveset




Playing for hours,

the bose soundsystem was a joy to mold .....

and when the sun came out it was no time to stop, better to drop the tempo, and start sawing the sawteeth deep down ....  ha, even though all recordings are useless due to a faulty mini-jack - cable .... whaaaaaa  







180507 circuit bandit 

live performance -- always under construction ---


After the band played, and the entertainment was being moved from the big room to the new and unused "small room"  there was some mobile noisy guidance (actually it was nice sofware demo going too quick too handle ... )this did move the crowd into the new room, after some minutes of laptoppian mobile noise  I activated my Sound Carrier and my toytrain and for a short while they provided sonic entertainment as they were being tortured by rays of white light and strobing "bike-lights"  I actually got some great ideas from this birthday, literally that is ! SHame that the videotape did not even have enough room to record the entire wevie stonder set and my performance, but that was my own choice. It's not in the mind, it's in the moment.







04 & 05 05 2007

toysfornoise - liveset

Luna Nera & Cyberrise & Factory Berlin

Coldstore festival - Berlin 






050507 toysfornoise - live set

Taking place in Berlin with soundsupport & other madness by Cyberise Soundsystem, this was a small festival in a huge disused factory from 1870 with a 600m2 basement for us to play in.... a festival with sitespecific art & installations by Luna Nera and more ......  

I played a pretty ok liveset (part of it actually appears on accu records 001), I also coloured some of the walls with slides that my brother had made which felt real good to do, met some nice peeple, all in all It was great, sometimes a bit chaotic, but hey, we had a good time, thanx for having us!





31st March 2007

hakkuhdan - liveset

KX & Adapter

Farewell to Veldhoven Squat 



It was a joy to stand in front of the kx sound and play my set, a bit harsh, a bit fast, but hey ..... let's move I say ..... for the full recording of this set:


Look here for a POSITIVE review in the local paper : looklooklook






28th July - 2nd August 2006


czech republic 

free festival







26th May 2006

paul - live

Industrial Funk

Nocturnal State

't Paard van Troje - The Hague


playing alongside some of my all-time heroes,

a dream come true !!!

(set has been recorded in full, about 100 cd's have now been thrown into the world, keep your eyes open, or simply ask me for a copy)




( go ahead, take your time... you won't be disappointed






13th May 2006

paul - live

Project Mayhem

NSDM Docklands - Amsterdam


What a party this was !!!

This was the biggest crowd I played for so far, it was an amazing experience !  Playing alongside some of my all-time heroes, a dream come true.  Synergie to the maxxx !


Have a look here for a great review:


Click on the big flyer to see the original website:












10th March 2006

paul - live

(aka qui que boe)

fly on acid tour II   (canceled)


tsjech republic








20th jan 2006

The Circuit Band :

Typhique & Qui Que Boe

7" Projects

Worm - Rotterdam


you can listen to the recording of the life set here:  






14th August 2005

paul - live




(set got thunderstormed away....)






31st July 2005

paul - live

live at the wirwarrior-circus pt2



czech republic






17th July 2005

paul - live

live at the wirwarrior-circus



east germany






2nd july 2005

Antwerp Harbour

free party








23rd June 2005

paul - live

schwer elektronisch

on Motorship Stubnitz


Rotterdam Harbour








 29th May 2005

paul - live

waar de honden geen brood van lusten

all night live sets

wirwar sound system

senkyo bar Tilburg






8th April 2005


Duracell soundsystem

Night Town Rotterdam


I was invited by the duracell soundsystem from rotterdam. When I heard I that this night I was to play alongside one of my heroes Choose from Denmark I knew it was gonna be a dream come true








25th & 26th March 2005

fly on acid tour

ZMK & guests

FSS and Vosa sound

opava & brno

tsjech republic


what a tour this was ! spring was in the air, the tsjech audience was climbing the speakers, and I found out that making music together with mikrobot and prozac23 can be loads of fun !!!

and we met nice people, shame I dont drink  ;]

click on the flyer for a nice photo-report ...







13th August 2004

paul & pico (live)

strike 23 "pre-opening"

cyberise - wirwar 







1st August 2004

paul & pico (live)

Chech Teknival

chech republic







5th June 2004


wirwar / zetemkaa

sound systems unite


this one's for Finsent & Michelle

in our hearts and minds forever !!!








9th nov 2003

on / off festival

D-struct sound system

pakhuis Afrika - Amsterdam






23rd October 2003

accu & zuur (live)

met mate (n)


013 tilburg






10th May 2003

all night live

zetemkaa sound system

kraakerk breda

a very exciting gig in a squatted church, 

I played along with 6 other live sets in the cellar






26th December 2002

wirwar met mate (n)

joep & paul & finsent

013 tilburg

a legendary night for me, my live "debut"

this wirwar happening was recorded in full !

(I have great pics I need to scan and put up here)











for bookings


toysfornoise (at) yahoo (dot) com




















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